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Knowledgeable Staff

Sales Representatives
Biological Representatives
Office Representatives
Warehouse Representatives

We have over 30 years of direct experience in the horticultural industry ranging throughout North America. Our knowledgeable staff are here to meet your business needs from products to customized projects.

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Knowledgeable Staff

Benedict Blom
E-m@il: benedict globalhort com
Marijke Blom
E-m@il: marijke globalhort com
Theo Hijdra
E-m@il: theo globalhort com

Sales Representatives

Frits Mooring
Representing: Ontario, Western Provinces and California
E-m@il: frits globalhort com
Bastiaan Hordijk
Representing: Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes
E-m@il: bas globalhort com
Herman Dunnink
Representing: Ontario and the Netherlands
E-m@il: herman globalhort com
Maarten Van Staalduinen
E-m@il: maarten globalhort com

Biological Representatives

John Bosje
Biological Control
E-m@il: john globalhort com
Jennifer Blom
Biological Control
E-m@il: jennifer globalhort com
Sarah Stuive
Biological Control
E-m@il: sarah globalhort com
Sita Tinio
Bombus Impatiens (bumblebee pollination)
E-m@il: sita globalhort com


Roberta Davis
E-m@il: roberta globalhort com
Ron Vermolen
Warehouse Manager
E-m@il: ron globalhort com
Bert Dunnink
Manuel Dubon
Leo Claassen


Hugh Lyew
Production Manager
E-m@il: hugh globalhort ca
Abraham Hagos

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