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   Welcome to Global Horticultural Incorporated
   Contact Information
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   Featured Products

   Irrigation Supplies

        GrowVision® water-solubles
        Single Element Fertilizers
        Minor Elements and Acids

   Onsite Manufacturing
        Custom Aluminum Products
        Galvanised Wire Products

   Greenhouse Equipment
        Climate Controllers and Computers
        Greenhouse Shading

   Crop Management
        Growing medium
        Sleeves and Flower Rackets
        Pots and Seeds
        Plant Tags
        Crop Support
        Cutflower Additives

   General Supplies
        Ground Cover and Plastics
        Paint Supplies

  Biological Control

        Fungus Gnat
        Mealy Bug
        Shore Fly
        Vine Weevil

   Beneficial Nematodes
   Bumble Bees

   IPM Supplements
        Pheromone Lures
        Plant Supplements
        Other Supplements


   Catalogue v.2009
   MSDS Sheets
   GrowVision® Information Sheets


   Sales Representatives
   Biological Representatives
   Office Representatives
   Warehouse Representatives

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