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Use of Biological Control is a strong step forward in reducing pesticides, insecticides and other chemical-based deterrents that is harmful to both plant and human health. Biological Control is a natural, environmentally-friendly alternative to maintaing a healthy ecosystem of organisms in your greenhouse.

Courtesy Syngenta Bioline Limited

Featured Product

BugLine cu

Syngenta Bioline's latest endeavour in bringing ease-of-use to your integrated crop management system. Bugline cu is a unique delivery system for controlled release sachets as a key treatment for Western Flower Thrips.

:: Advantages

  • High number of mites during several weeks
  • Equal dispersion over the crop will mean no manual mistakes are made
  • Labour saving
  • Low costs per individual mite

  Advantages to Integrated Crop Management

        May reduce costs and time spent spraying
        Provides an affordable and effective method of controlling pest population
        Improves public perception
        Reduces the chances of developing pesticide resistance
        May reduce health risks to workers
        Environmentally friendly while improving yield and quality
        Alternative marketing possibilities

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